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Designing customized solutions requires insight, knowledge and experience. Thanks to our own engineers, SES International is able to meet the requirements and wishes of every client. Precisely because of the combination of standard components, end solutions can be configured for every situation and environment. With a proven track record SES International has the right technologies to help our customers achieve their business goals. We deliver the most cost-effective and efficient design for your compressor package: from basic “stand-alone” units to full turnkey compressor stations with all the necessary secondary equipment to meet customer specifications, including scrubbers, heat exchangers and control units.

The Twente region, in the eastern part of the Netherlands, has been known for its high-quality metal industry since the nineteenth century. Large, globally operating companies and smaller technical companies jointly built a reputation for quality and innovation. Backed by excellent education and in the presence of a technical university, Twente has continued to develop into a high-tech region. SES International has been part of this leading region since the 1950s. In the long-standing tradition of quality, reliability, compliance with agreements and focus on the client needs.


SES International is all over the world known and appreciated with a full range of specialized solutions.

  • Multi-phase pump systems.
  • Gas compressor systems.
  • Gas compressor chiller systems.
  • Gas reliquifaction/Boil off systems.
  • Pump systems (Power generation etc).
  • Lube oil systems API 614.
  • Water re-injection systems.
  • Water booster systems.

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