Designing customized solutions requires insight, knowledge and experience. Thanks to our own engineers, SES International is able to meet the requirements and wishes of every client. Precisely because of the combination of standard components, end solutions can be configured for every situation and environment. With a proven track record SES International has the right technologies to help our customers achieve their business goals. We deliver the most cost-effective and efficient design for your packaged unit: from basic “stand-alone” to full turnkey packaged units with all the necessary secondary equipment to meet customer specifications.

Key features

Working closely with our customers, SES provides EPCs with project management resources to execute safe, reliable packages that are easy to operate and maintain, all within the defined project schedules and budgets. Constant focus on innovation, new application areas and technological development in the field of compression systems ensures that our team of engineers is always able to design an optimal product.

  • Project management / Project engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering using full 3D
  • modeling and simulation (PRO ENGINEER)
  • E&I engineering

The brands we offer

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