Besides efficiency, sustainability and energy consumption reliability and optimal functioning are of crucial importance in the food industry. All over the world SES international is present in various production facilities and logistics chains in the food industry. Thanks to complete solutions, based on your requirements. We design a full line of process packages from SES-standard basic compressor packages to turnkey chillers, customized to specific client needs. Because every single unit is developed according to the unique demands of individual client applications, SES International is able to give the best COP possible.

With rising global energy costs and the need for more sustainable energy consumption as motivation, SES International has designed a high efficiency oil separation system. This ensures the lowest possible oil carryover downstream of the compressor package. With this sophisticated design, we are helping negative environmental impacts by reducing energy consumption.

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Key features

  • Howden Compressors Ltd approved OEM packager for over 55 years
  • Packages cover a range from 300 up to 24.000m3/hr
  • Easy maintenance due to sophisticated design
  • Large stock with genuine Howden spare parts covering all models
  • High efficient 4-stage oil separation system
  • Vertical and horizontal oil separator possible
  • Oversized, rigid and vibration free base frame
  • Machined base frame for easy alignment of compressor and motor
  • Separate stainless steel lines to manifold mounted pressure transmitters
  • Extensive plc control systems to client specifications or standard electro mechanical basic safeguarding

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